Even technology companies get good news sometimes ;-)


August 2017

Security Services go Biometric.

BioSSL delivers biometric web security and mobile biometric verification to ArmourAgent.com as a Service.


ArmourAgent is a global real-time security operative booking and logistics web application.

ArmourAgent allows security operatives to register as a member with their resume, qualifications and locations.  Security Agencies can post contracts or find security operatives.


Members' highly sensitive information on the web platform can now be secured by BioSSL through Face Verification.

Agencies who are hiring security operatives  can verify the identity of the ArmourAgent’s member by using the BioSSL mobile application.


The combination of biometric web security and mobile verification delivers the highest degree of closed security in high risk events and environments.


On top of ArmourAgent.com’s security, the biometric verification process is delivered by BioSSL’s servers as a service. BioSSL’s API provides a fast integration via simple licensing procedures.



March 2017


January 2017

BioSSL gains strengths and momentum in Middle East and North Africa.

We welcome Abdel A. Khan to our team, as Business Development Director, MENA.

Son of Honorary Consul of India Nassir Khan, Abdel Khan has inherited the strong genes of his father’s diplomacy and adventures in new technology.  He is an undeniable asset for BioSSL.

Different projects are in progress in Morocco, Casablanca, the base of Abdel Khan.

Morocco, the hub to Africa, is investing heavily in the stage of eGovernement.


January 2017
BioSSL wins the Fintech Finance Silver Award for Best Biometric Solution.

Quote Finance Fintech:

“By using three human verification pathways – fingerprint, voice and facial recognition – web security expert BioSSL locks down access to hackers.  Its unique feature is that it does not allow for the storage of images, scans or biometric features on a local device or server, thereby preserving their integrity if the device is stolen, damaged or lost.

BioSSL’s  fingerprint and facial recognition template cannot be reverse  engineered. Security is entirely handled on the BioSSL server and no two private-public keys are ever the same.

The company is an omni-channel solution for banks, financial institutions, e-commerce and government, using military-grade ID systems."


We dedicate this award to our administration in recognition of all their hard work.



December 2016

BioSSL wins the precious Sesames Award Trustech 2016 for best Cybersecurity Solution.

November 2016


August 2016
BioSSL on Techbusters - CNBC.

Gawie Keyser, Business Partner BioSSL South Africa on the news.


July 2016

BioSSL South Africa is present at the PASA International Payment Conference.


May 2016

BioSSL will have a booth at the TRUSTECH Exhibition, which is part of CARTES Exhibition.
Cartes moved the exhibition from Paris to Cannes. We will be present from the 29d of November till the 1st of December.


April 2016
BioSSL closes his investment Round.
BioSSL is excited to announce that it has raised the 250k USD.
We thank
Investors'Angel and The Arzam Group for the great work and guidance to bring BioSSL on track to go global.


February 2016
Together We Stand: Will Biometrics and Blockchain Build a Joint Future?

Johann Caubergh on Cointelegraph.
Author Julia Daimio

September, 2015 
BioSSL launches Face Recognition on their unique biometric web security platform.

Everyone has a face and every face is unique. The integration of Face Recognition was the next step for BioSSL because mobile phones and laptops mostly have an integrated web camera, which makes the deployment of BioSSL Web Security cos effective.

The face can replace or be an add-on on the web password. The uniqueness lays in the fact that BioSSL creates a one-time biometric key as similar with their fingerprint verification and sends the data encrypted to the server. No data is locally stored and useless for hackers on the server.

June 1, 2015
BioSSL integrates Card_Lab’s unique fingerprint sensor card in their online platform.

May, 2015
Finebooks are very pleased to advise that they have teamed up with BioSSL Limited to offer secure fingerprint login security as an additional optional feature to the Finebooks package.

BioSSL are the first company to offer HTTPS fingerprint security to provide an additional layer of defence against system hacking.

BioSSL will be present at The Swift Forum in London, United Kingdom.


Fraud in South Africa

An initiative launched in 2012 by KPMG and released biannually – fraud cost the African continent $5.5 billion in the second half of 2012, with three quarters of all fraud cases reported in Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa, According to the latest African Fraud Barometer.


Europe’s Largest Airline Falls Prey to $5 Million Cyber-Theft

Europe’s largest airliner in terms of passengers, Ryanair, has had $5 million siphoned from one of its bank accounts. It is alleged that Ryanair were hacked by  cyber criminals and had the cash illegally transferred to a bank account in China.


Biometric Security is on the rise. By Bob Violino.
Biometric security is on a sharp growth curve, according to a number of recent research reports. The technology is on the rise in large part due to the fact that many mobile users have become comfortable using tools such as fingerprint identification for access.

February, 2015
BioSSL ltd attended one day the Web Payments Group in Utrecht, The Netherlands, organized by W3.org; The overall objective of this group is to identify and leverage the conditions for greater uptake and wider use of Web Payments through the identification of standardization needs to increase interoperability between the different stakeholders and the different payment methods. More info: http://www.w3.org/Payments/IG/


Biokrez International, based in South Africa and Taiwan becomes value added reseller and partner in development of biometric hardware.


A must read article from Author Paul Stokes, Wynard Group: Cyber-crime: expected trends for 2015

JBioSSL welcomes partner MB Private Wealth Management and Partners.

March, 2014
According to the Biometrics Research Group,